Yuhito enrolled at Tsukuba University High School

Yuhito enrolled at Tsukuba University High School

Yuhito (15), the eldest son of the Akishinomiya family, attended the entrance ceremony of Tsukuba University High School (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) on the 9th april.

It was the first time for the postwar imperial family to go on to high school other than Gakushuin. Before the ceremony, according to the filming of the press, “I am very happy to have the entrance ceremony. While working hard at school, I deepened my interests and interests, and school life such as various events. I want to enjoy it too. ”

According to the Imperial Household Agency, Yuhito was decided to enroll in Tsukuba University High School using the “affiliated school admission system” that connects Tsukuba University and Ochanomizu University from among those attached to Ochanomizu University. She talked with Mr. and Mrs. Akishino, and she said that she aspired based on the educational policy of “independence, autonomy, and freedom” of the same high school.

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