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WirelessCar Expands Global Reach with New German Branch in Munich

WirelessCar Strengthens International Presence with German Branch in Munich


WirelessCar, a renowned pioneer in connected vehicle services, takes a significant stride in its global expansion efforts by announcing the establishment of a new branch in Munich, Germany. This strategic move aims to fortify the company’s position as a key player in the automotive industry’s digital revolution. Under the guidance of the accomplished industry veteran Theo-Han Jansen, who brings over three decades of experience, the German team will spearhead the development and implementation of cutting-edge connected car services.


Unveiling the Driving Force Behind WirelessCar’s Success: A Visionary Leader


Theo-Han Jansen, the appointed manager for the Munich branch, boasts an impressive track record in the automotive sector. With a wealth of expertise gained from working with technology providers, partners, and esteemed OEMs such as FCA/Stellantis, Maserati, and Ferrari, Jansen’s leadership promises to be a catalyst for WirelessCar’s continued growth. Notably, Jansen played a pivotal role in the successful execution of various connected vehicle programs throughout his career.


Empowering the Future of Connected Cars: WirelessCar’s Software Solutions


At the forefront of innovation, WirelessCar develops cutting-edge software solutions tailored for connected cars. These solutions encompass a wide range of features, including optimized EV routing and journey intelligence, safety services for call centers and emergency calls, as well as telematics and master data management. Notable automotive giants such as Volvo Cars, Subaru, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Lynk & Co, VW, Seat, and Audi rely on WirelessCar’s expertise to enhance their connected vehicle offerings.


Connecting Trends and Driving Automotive Innovation through Connectivity


In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, connectivity stands as the key enabler for several transformative trends. Autonomous driving, shared mobility, electrified mobility, and the critical domains of data and cybersecurity all depend on robust connectivity solutions. Recognizing the significance of this paradigm shift, WirelessCar is dedicated to leveraging their extensive two-decade experience to support these trends. According to Theo-Han Jansen, the opening of the Munich office will facilitate an even closer collaboration with current and future customers, resulting in the development of best-in-class services for connected cars.


Unleashing the Digital Potential: Collaboration with OEMs


As the automotive industry undergoes a digital transformation, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers face vast opportunities to differentiate themselves and position for the future. WirelessCar stands as a trusted partner for OEMs, offering invaluable assistance in harnessing the full potential of digital advancements to achieve tangible business value. With the appointment of Theo-Han Jansen, an industry leader renowned for his expertise, WirelessCar is poised to thrive in Germany and beyond.


Opinion Piece: Shaping the Future of Connected Mobility


The digital age has ushered in an era of limitless possibilities for the automotive industry. The convergence of connectivity and mobility has paved the way for unprecedented advancements, and WirelessCar is at the forefront of driving this transformation. By establishing a new branch in Munich, the company demonstrates its commitment to delivering exceptional connected car services. This strategic move not only strengthens their relationship with existing German customers but also facilitates closer collaboration with global clients, fostering a rich exchange of ideas that will shape the future of mobility.


Embracing Innovation for a Connected Tomorrow


In conclusion, WirelessCar’s expansion into Germany with the opening of their Munich branch marks a significant milestone in the company’s international growth strategy. Led by the experienced and visionary Theo-Han Jansen, WirelessCar is primed to leverage their extensive expertise and software solutions to drive the digital transformation of the automotive industry. As connectivity emerges as the linchpin of major trends like autonomous driving and shared mobility, WirelessCar’s commitment to providing exceptional services positions them as a driving force shaping the future of connected mobility.


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