Users complain about iOS 14.6 causing iPhone to overheat and power down too fast

Apple released major updates such as iOS 14.6 a few days ago, introducing some additional features that are popular with users. However, some iPhone users are complaining that their devices have encountered abnormal heat and battery consumption after the update. Judging from the feedback from netizens on social media, the power outage seems to be a bit serious.

The problem is quite common on all iPhone models running Apple’s latest iOS 14.6 software. In addition to the rapid power consumption, some users complained that even if they were not used for several hours, the device still heated abnormally.


At the same time, some users worry that abnormal battery conditions may cause deterioration of iPhone battery health. Some users said that when using the Podcast application, the problem of excessive power consumption caused by iOS 14.6 is obvious.

Although it is too early to buckle all the black pots to Apple, it may also be caused by a misbehaving application. After all, after updating to iOS 14.6, some old iPhone users found that the performance of the device has improved significantly.


In other respects, iOS 14.6 brings many future-oriented new features, such as Apple Card Family, the introduction of a new subscription service Podcasts podcast application, improved AirTag experience, and support for Apple Music lossless audio.


Finally, this update fixes a series of performance-related bugs on the iPhone 11/12 series smartphones.

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