Turkey reiterates its disapproval of NATO

Turkey reiterates its disapproval of NATO membership in two Scandinavian countries “no need to dispatch delegations”

Turkey’s President Erdogan reiterated on the 16th that he would not support Finland and Sweden’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and both countries need to send a delegation to Turkey to persuade them. Said not.

Finland officially announced that it would apply for NATO on the 15th. Sweden officially decided to apply for NATO membership on the 16th. In response to these moves, President Erdogan announced on the 13th that he would not support NATO membership of both countries, saying that they are “the home of many terrorist organizations.”

At a press conference that day, Erdogan called Sweden a “hotbed” for terrorist organizations and accused terrorists of infiltrating the country’s parliament. He reiterated that NATO in Finland and Sweden he does not support accession.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry said today that it would send a delegation of high-ranking government officials to Turkey for talks with Finland, but Erdogan said NATO would “become a gathering place for representatives of terrorist organizations” if the two countries join. , “Even if you come to persuade, it will be a waste of time,” he dismissed.

Erdogan also said he opposes NATO accession of countries that have introduced sanctions against Turkey. Finland and Sweden have banned arms exports to Turkey following Turkey’s invasion of Syria in 2019.

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