Queen Elizabeth

The Queen has left Buckingham Palace for good

If that happens, she will be out of the palace for the first time since she took the throne in 1952 as Elizabeth II.

The Queen can choose any of four places to stay during the Buckingham Palace renovation. These are Windsor Castle on the west side of London, Sandringham House in Norfolk, Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh or Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

According to palace sources, the roof needs to be repaired, electrical lines need to be replaced and the woodwork also needs to be repaired. It will cost 24 million dollars. However, no final decision has been made yet.

This residence of the British royal family was bought by King George III for his Queen Charlotte. It has been used as the King’s residence in London since 1837.

The vast Buckingham Palace has a total of 775 rooms. Among them, 52 royal rooms, 188 rooms are for officials and employees.

UK lawmakers have complained that the royal family does not feel the need to refurbish the palace.

“Decisions will be taken with care, taking into account all factors, including funding,” a palace spokesman said.

There is also a lot of talk about the expenses of the royal family. According to the government, the expenditure of the royal palace was 3.5 million pounds in the last financial year. Public spending on the royal family is set to rise by another £450m next year.

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