Tackle.io Secures a $7.25M Series A Funding To Drive Growth

Tackle.io has announced that the company has successfully secured $7.25 million in Series A funding. The company was assisted by the Bessemer Venture Partners to secure the funding.

Tackle is basically a leading software development company focused to accelerate revenues through cloud Marketplaces. The company’s innovative cloud marketplace significantly reduces the time to list and sell products in the Marketplace. The company has got hundreds of satisfied clients across the globe, including Pagerduty, HashiCorp, Fivetan, McAfee, Snowflake, AppDynamic, A Cloud Guru, GitHub, Looker, Talend, NewRelic and Auth0.

Chief Executive Officer of Tackle.io, John Jahnke said, “As consumer patterns continue to enter the B2B world, we believe online purchasing options will be demanded by enterprise software buyers.”

“Marketplaces offer an avenue for sellers to sell the way that buyers want to buy. Our mission at Tackle is to make the experience of selling via the Marketplace more seamless than doing business directly,” John further added.

Vice President of Bessemer Venture Partners, Michael Droesch said, “There’s a renaissance in B2B commerce and we’re seeing B2B transactions more online across all industries.”

“Enterprise buyers want a seamless experience for experimenting with and purchasing software, and the Cloud Marketplaces are a natural aggregation point for this type of purchasing. We’re thrilled to invest in Tackle, a company at the forefront of using innovative technology to transform B2B Marketplaces and help businesses become more efficient,” Michael Droesch further added.

Global Channel Chief of HashiCorp, Michelle Graff said, “The Cloud Marketplaces are rapidly emerging as the channel for the future, but come with a level of integration that can be challenging for an engineering team whose backlog is already full, focusing on features to delight customers.”

“Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace Platform made integrating with these channels a buy decision, allowing us to focus on our business and selling through the cloud versus distracting our engineering team to build Marketplace integrations. Our vision is to be available across all three Cloud Marketplaces and Tackle is the easy button to make this happen,” Michelle Graff concluded.

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