Stratus Announces The Sponsorship Of EEG University

Stratus announces on Wednesday that the company is providing sponsorship to EEG University. The EEG is an educational resource tool for all the technologist community. With the help of the proposed Sponsorship, technologists can earn continuing education and can gain clinical knowledge certification required for their job.

The EEG University was developed to fill the gap of easily accessible clinical education for EEG technologists. The university has introduced the one-hour education lesson spanning to 12 months. The lecture was delivered by some of the leading experts in the epilepsy and neurology community. All the technologists who participate in the program can earn one-hour of continuing education credit through ASET.

Chief Executive Officer for Stratus, Charlie Alvarez said, “EEG University was developed because our own technologists were struggling to find accessible CEU courses.”

“Our standard of care has always been to utilize Registered EEG Technologists (R.EEG.T.) for our EEG monitoring and pruning services. Like many other clinical professions, EEG technologists must complete a required number of CEU hours to maintain their certification. Techs not having access to CEU courses was not only a threat to our own standard of care, but to patient care overall,” Charlies Alvarez further added.

“As a result, we worked with ASET to develop an accredited program that would not only support our techs, but the entire community. As market leaders, we believe that part of our responsibility is to provide resources to the industry as a whole. We’re proud to be able to fund and support EEG University and the technologist community,” Charlie Alvarez continued.

All the sessions of the EEG University consist of 40-45 minutes, which is followed by the 20-30 minutes of live Q&A. The current year curriculum of the university includes the Differential Diagnosis of Epilepsy, Clinical Correlations, Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures and EEG Patterns.

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