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Smashburger Appoints Jose Miñana Jr. as Interim President, Sets Sight on Nationwide Expansion

Jose Miñana Jr. Assumes Interim Presidency at Smashburger


Smashburger, the leading fast-casual restaurant chain famous for its hand-smashed to order burgers, has made an important leadership announcement. Today, the company revealed that Jose Miñana Jr. will serve as the interim president of Smashburger, taking over from Carl Bachmann, who is set to depart on June 30th. Miñana, currently the chief sustainability and public affairs officer for Smashburger’s parent company, Jollibee Foods Corporation, will temporarily lead the organization until a permanent executive is appointed.


A Seasoned Executive with a Wealth of Experience


Jose Miñana Jr. brings a wealth of experience to his new role as interim president of Smashburger. With over 25 years of service at Jollibee Foods Corporation, he has held various positions within the global restaurant company. Before assuming his current role as chief sustainability and public affairs officer in 2019, Miñana served as the group president for Jollibee Foods Corporation’s business operations across North America. Furthermore, he played a pivotal role in leading business development efforts for the company’s brands in Vietnam and the Philippines.


Maintaining Momentum and Nationwide Expansion


Expressing his enthusiasm for the new position, Miñana stated, “I’m honored to work closely with the Smashburger leadership team at such an exciting time for the brand. We will look to maintain the strong momentum that Smashburger has built and accelerate our nationwide expansion in both new and existing markets.” This statement underscores the commitment of Miñana and the entire Smashburger leadership team to continue building on the brand’s recent successes and fueling further growth in the months to come.


Smooth Transition and Grateful Acknowledgment


Ernesto Tanmantiong, president and chief executive officer of Jollibee Foods Corporation, expressed his confidence in Miñana’s ability to steer Smashburger towards continued success. “We are confident that Miñana and our committed Smashburger leadership team will continue to build on this year’s gains and position the company for more success in the coming months,” stated Tanmantiong. He also extended his gratitude to Carl Bachmann, acknowledging the valuable contributions he made to Smashburger since joining the team in 2019.


The Innovative Journey of Smashburger


Founded in 2007 in Denver, CO, Smashburger has gained recognition as a better-burger brand that continually pushes the boundaries of taste and quality. The restaurant chain’s approach to crafting mouthwatering, high-quality burgers has captured the attention of burger enthusiasts worldwide. From its unique cooking methods to the array of exciting flavors on offer, Smashburger has consistently redefined what a burger can be.


A Rapid Rise and Global Presence


With 240 locations spanning 34 states and seven countries, Smashburger has achieved impressive growth within the fast-casual dining segment. Notably, the brand reached the remarkable milestone of 200 restaurants in the shortest time among fast casual concepts. This achievement is a testament to Smashburger’s ongoing brand innovation, which not only drives store profitability but also fosters guest loyalty.


Redefining the Portfolio and Restaurant Design


In recent times, Smashburger has further elevated its brand with the introduction of a new restaurant design. Some locations now feature a full-service bar, enhancing the dining experience for patrons. This strategic move demonstrates Smashburger’s commitment to evolving and adapting to meet the changing demands and preferences of its customer base.


A Promising Future


With the appointment of Jose Miñana Jr. as interim president, Smashburger is poised to embark on an exciting new chapter. The brand’s focus on maintaining momentum, expanding nationwide, and embracing innovative concepts positions it for continued success in the highly competitive fast-casual dining market. As Smashburger continues to captivate burger lovers worldwide with its unique and flavorful offerings, the future looks bright for this trailblazing restaurant chain.


In conclusion, Smashburger’s decision to appoint Jose Miñana Jr. as interim president ushers in a new era for the brand. With his extensive experience and the support of the dedicated Smashburger leadership team, Miñana is well-equipped to navigate the company towards sustained growth and nationwide expansion. As Smashburger continues to redefine the burger experience, customers can look forward to an exciting journey ahead.

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