Samsung Plans To Triple Its Foundry Capacity By 2026

According to foreign media reports, the global chip shortage that started in the automotive sector this year has expanded to many areas such as consumer electronics and is still continuing.


Foreign media reports show that Samsung Electronics, which has a market share second only to TSMC in the field of chip foundry, is also preparing to substantially increase chip foundry production capacity.


According to reports from foreign media, Samsung Electronics plans to triple its foundry production capacity by 2026, that is, triple it.


At the end of 2019, foreign media reported that Samsung Electronics planned to invest US$116 billion in the next ten years to develop its chip manufacturing business. In May of this year, it was reported that Samsung Electronics planned to invest 171 trillion won, or about US$145.5 billion, in non-memory chip fields by 2030. The non-memory chip field includes chip foundry.

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