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PlusMedia Appoints Mitch Peipert as New Chief Financial Officer

Introducing a Dynamic Leader to Fuel Growth and Create Value


PlusMedia, LLC, a leading performance marketing agency, has exciting news to share with the business world. The company has recently appointed Mitch Peipert as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective immediately. This strategic move reflects PlusMedia’s commitment to expanding its operations and driving long-term value creation. With his exceptional track record and diverse skill set, Mitch Peipert is poised to play a pivotal role in the company’s growth journey.


A Proven CFO with a Superior Track Record


In a statement released today, PlusMedia CEO Sherry Scapperotti expressed her confidence in Mitch Peipert’s abilities. She highlighted his outstanding performance as a CFO, emphasizing his consistent delivery of results and his ability to create value. Mitch brings a compelling blend of strategic vision, financial acumen, and transformative leadership skills to the table, making him an ideal choice for this critical role. His appointment is set to strengthen PlusMedia’s executive team as they navigate their growth strategy and pursue long-term value creation.


Leading Finance, Technology, and Human Resources


As the newly appointed CFO, Mitch Peipert will assume leadership of critical departments within PlusMedia. These include finance, technology, and human resources, which form the backbone of the company’s operations. By overseeing these areas, Mitch will be able to ensure their alignment with PlusMedia’s strategic objectives and contribute to the company’s overall success. His responsibilities will also extend to managing relationships with key financial partners, enhancing collaboration and fostering mutually beneficial alliances. In his new position, Mitch will directly report to CEO Sherry Scapperotti, forming a strong partnership at the helm of the company.


A Seasoned Executive with a Wealth of Experience


Mitch Peipert’s professional journey spans over three decades, marked by remarkable achievements and key leadership roles. Before joining PlusMedia, he held executive-level positions at renowned organizations such as Thomas Publishing Company, CSI, and TSR Wireless. These experiences have honed his strategic thinking and equipped him with a deep understanding of the industry’s dynamics. Additionally, Mitch began his career at Grant Thornton, a prestigious accounting firm, where he laid a strong foundation of financial expertise. He further complemented his qualifications by earning an MBA at Pace University. With his wealth of experience and diverse skill set, Mitch is well-prepared to contribute to PlusMedia’s growth trajectory.


A Vision for the Future


Thrilled by the opportunity to join PlusMedia, Mitch Peipert is eager to make a significant impact on the company’s future. In an enthusiastic statement, he expressed his inspiration and motivation to work alongside the talented team at PlusMedia. Leveraging his financial, strategic, and operational experience, Mitch is determined to propel the company into its next phase of growth. He aims to enhance shareholder value while solidifying PlusMedia’s position as a key player in the performance marketing industry. His vision, coupled with the company’s existing strengths, promises an exciting and prosperous future for PlusMedia and its stakeholders.




The appointment of Mitch Peipert as PlusMedia’s new CFO marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. As a proven CFO with an impressive track record, Mitch brings valuable expertise and a fresh perspective to the table. His strategic mindset, financial acumen, and transformative leadership abilities position him as a catalyst for PlusMedia’s growth and long-term value creation. By leading finance, technology, and human resources, Mitch will play a vital role in aligning key departments with the company’s objectives. Under the guidance of CEO Sherry Scapperotti, this dynamic partnership is set to propel PlusMedia towards a prosperous future.


As PlusMedia continues to make waves in the performance marketing industry, the addition of Mitch Peipert as CFO reinforces the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation. With his leadership, PlusMedia is well-positioned to achieve new heights and unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth and value creation. The industry eagerly awaits the exciting developments that will unfold under Mitch Peipert’s guidance, as PlusMedia continues to make its mark as a leading force in the performance marketing landscape.

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