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Peter Messner Steps Down as CFO of Catena Media plc

Catena Media plc, a leading global player in generating high-value leads for operators of online sports betting and casino platforms, has announced a major change in its financial leadership. Peter Messner, the Chief Financial Officer, has decided to step down from his position.

Recruitment Process Underway

The company has confirmed that a recruitment process for a new CFO will be initiated and that Peter Messner will hand over his duties within six months. This move is part of the company’s closer focus on the North American market.

Statement from CEO Michael Daly

CEO Michael Daly commented on the change, stating: “Peter has contributed hugely to our recent successes, and we thank him sincerely for his efforts. Given our closer focus on the North American market, we have agreed that this is the right time to make a transition in our financial leadership.”

About Catena Media

Catena Media, headquartered in Malta, is a global leader in generating high-value leads for operators of online sports betting and casino platforms. Its large portfolio of web-based affiliation brands guides online users to customer websites and enriches the experience of players worldwide. The company employs over 450 people in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Oceania, and its share (CTM) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap.


Peter Messner’s departure marks a new chapter in Catena Media’s journey and the company is poised to take on the challenge of finding a suitable replacement for the CFO position. As a global leader in its industry, Catena Media continues to set the standard for excellence in generating high-value leads for the sports betting and casino platforms.

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