Panasonic’s Mexican auto parts factory, workers approved by independent union

Workers at a Panasonic auto parts factory in northern Mexico recently voted to select a union and approved the independent union “STITIS”. One of the country’s largest trade unions has once again suffered a defeat.

Mexico is trying to strengthen workers’ rights in accordance with the new North American trade agreement.

According to the Federal Labor Center, SNITIS, which was born out of workers’ dissatisfaction with traditional labor groups in northern Tamaulipas, reached 75% of the votes cast over two days. Meanwhile, SIAMARM, a subsidiary of the Mexican Workers’ Union (CTM), which has a history of 86 years, received only 25% of the votes. It is said that 2,150 people were eligible to vote.

The factory mainly produces in-vehicle audio equipment and display equipment for the US and Canadian markets.

The defeat of CTM follows the factory of General Motors (GM), a major US automobile company in Guanajuato, central Mexico. Under the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement), which came into effect in 2020, the United States has been watching over the possibility of infringement of workers’ rights.

Panasonic respects and supports the rights of employees to freedom of association and has stated that they are looking forward to working with SNISIS after it is officially registered as a new union at the plant.

On the 18th, SNITIS complained that workers’ rights were violated at Panasonic’s factory and asked the US government to investigate.

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