Pamela Lundin Takes the Helm as Director of Business Development at Eltel

In a move that promises to boost the company’s strategic direction, Eltel has appointed Pamela Lundin as its Director of Business Development. Lundin, a veteran with over 25 years of senior leadership experience, is expected to take charge of the newly instituted Business Development function, guiding the team with her customer-focused mindset and innovative approach.


Building on her successful tenure as CEO of Enercon’s Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish operations, Lundin brings to the table a wealth of expertise and energy, which is expected to help drive Eltel’s sustainable growth agenda.


As Eltel’s President and CEO Håkan Dahlström stated, “With Pamela, our Business Development team will be even better equipped to identify and pursue new opportunities. As a driven leader with an exceptional track record and innovative approach, I am confident Pamela will create new opportunities and take us closer to sustainable profitable growth.”


What Does This Appointment Mean for Eltel?


The move to appoint Lundin as Director of Business Development is part of Eltel’s larger strategy to promote sustainable growth and innovation. As the company seeks to develop and implement new business concepts that will increase its sustainable growth, Lundin is expected to work closely with country units to improve synergies between the countries and take advantage of each country’s expertise and know-how.


Lundin has expressed her excitement at joining Eltel at this time, saying, “I am happy to join Eltel at this exciting time as we start a journey towards a sustainable future powered by new energy sources. I am eager to bring my energy and expertise to the table and work in collaboration with my new team and the organization to make a meaningful impact both for Eltel and for society.”


The Role of the Business Development Function


The newly instituted Business Development function will play a critical role in driving Eltel’s growth and sustainability agenda. Under Lundin’s leadership, the team will be tasked with identifying and pursuing new opportunities, developing and implementing new business concepts, and improving synergies between countries.


The Business Development function will work closely with the country units in Eltel, with the aim of creating a more integrated and streamlined approach to business development. Through this approach, the company hopes to leverage the expertise and know-how of each country, enabling it to develop and implement innovative solutions that will drive sustainable growth.


With the appointment of Pamela Lundin as Director of Business Development, Eltel has taken a significant step towards achieving its growth and sustainability goals. As the company seeks to develop and implement new business concepts and improve synergies between its various country units, Lundin’s experience and energy will be instrumental in driving its strategy forward.


Overall, this move is expected to position Eltel for long-term success and help it become a leading player in the renewable energy industry.


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