Mozilla announced that Firefox 90 will completely remove support for the FTP protocol

Last year, Mozilla announced that the Firefox browser would remove the built-in support for FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Now, Mozilla said that it will give up support for the FTP protocol from Firefox 88 version, and plans to completely remove support for the FTP protocol in Firefox 90 version.

This means that users cannot browse FTP directories as they did many years ago. Some add-ons may also crash, especially when FTP is completely removed from the browser. You need to use a dedicated FTP client to achieve this, but the overall trend is to gradually phase out this transfer protocol.


Firefox 88 landed on the Android platform a few days earlier than originally scheduled. This update fixes some bugs of the mobile browser, but there are still very few extensions suitable for the new version of mobile Firefox, and there are no as many options as on the desktop.

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