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MilDef Appoints CFO Daniel Ljunggren as Permanent CEO

MilDef, the Swedish tactical IT provider, has announced the appointment of Daniel Ljunggren as its new CEO, effective May 26, 2023. The announcement comes after an extensive evaluation process conducted by the Board of Directors, which resulted in Ljunggren’s initial appointment as interim CEO.

Evaluation Process Leads to Permanent Appointment

The Board of Directors at MilDef has expressed confidence in Ljunggren’s leadership and has decided to make his appointment as CEO a permanent one. According to Jan Andersson, Chairman of the Board of MilDef Group, “after an evaluation it was decided that the interim role will instead become permanent. This gives both Daniel and the business the best conditions.”

MilDef’s Growth and Product Offerings

Founded in 1997, MilDef has grown to become a leading provider of rugged IT hardware, software, and services. The company currently sells its products to more than 160 customers worldwide through its subsidiaries in various countries and partner networks in more than 30 countries, primarily in the EU. MilDef’s products are critical to military operations, enabling communication and data transfer in harsh environments.

Ljunggren’s Vision for MilDef’s Future

As the newly appointed CEO of MilDef, Ljunggren has shared his vision for the company’s future. He plans to build on the success of the company’s current product offerings and continue to expand the business globally. Ljunggren has a proven track record in the finance industry, having served as MilDef’s CFO for several years, and he is well-positioned to lead the company into a new era of growth and success.

In conclusion, the appointment of Daniel Ljunggren as permanent CEO of MilDef is a significant milestone for the company, and one that has been made with careful consideration by the Board of Directors. As MilDef continues to grow and expand its product offerings globally, Ljunggren’s leadership and vision will be critical to the company’s success.

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