Microsoft “Windows 11” announced, difference from Apple in front

The US Microsoft announced the new basic software (OS) “Windows 11” on the 24th. With a full-scale update for the first time in six years, the “store” that provides apps has been redesigned in consideration of developers, bringing the difference from Apple’s “app store” to the fore. [Source Reuters]

The new OS will be available later this year. The new “Windows Store” will allow software developers to settle with their own in-app billing system and will not charge any fees. In addition, based on the technology provided by and Intel, smartphone apps for “Android” can be used on tablet devices and PCs.

Apple requires developers to use their billing system on the App Store and charges up to 30%, and Alphabet’s Google Play Store also collects fees. Microsoft took a contrasting approach with the two companies.

“Windows has always respected the independence of creators and has always been on the side of consumers,” Satya Nadella, CEO, emphasized at the Windows 11 launch event.

The new OS also adds a function to facilitate the work of removing the PC from the external monitor in consideration of corporate users, and also incorporates the collaborative application “Teams” for the workplace directly into the OS.

Providing game apps for “Xbox” and strengthening game functions are expected to appeal to individual users.

This OS renewal has made clear consideration for developers aiming to monetize by providing apps and contents to 1.3 billion Windows users around the world.

Microsoft explained that it will incorporate new tools directly into the operating system that pay for content creators, including the press. The company has recently reduced the commission it collects from developers of games offered on the Microsoft Store to 12%, below 15% for regular apps. It is also criticizing Apple’s App Store.

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