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LionsBot Unveils World’s First ‘Zero Click’ Cleaning Robots: Revolutionizing Autonomous Professional Cleaning”

LionsBot International Introduces Innovative Cleaning Robots

LionsBot International, a renowned company known for its award-winning cleaning robots, has recently announced the launch of three groundbreaking products that are set to revolutionize the field of autonomous professional cleaning. These cutting-edge robots, namely the R3 Vac, R3 Scrub Pro, and the MagicTag, aim to address the global shortage of professional cleaners, high turnover rates, and the extensive training required to operate traditional cleaning machines.

MagicTag: Making Cleaning Robots Accessible to All

One of the key highlights of LionsBot’s latest offerings is the patent-pending MagicTag. This innovative feature enables the R3 Vac and R3 Scrub Pro to become the world’s first “Zero Click” cleaning robots, making them incredibly easy to use. Regardless of experience or age, any cleaner can now operate these robots without the need for extensive training. The MagicTag simplifies the setup process into just one action, allowing users to initiate cleaning with zero clicks on the touch screen. Deployment can be done in minutes, saving valuable time for both cleaners and organizations.

User Experience at the Core of LionsBot’s Product Development

Dylan Ng Terntzer, CEO of LionsBot International, emphasized the company’s commitment to creating robots that people love to use. The user experience lies at the heart of their product development strategy. With the introduction of the MagicTag, LionsBot aims to make professional cleaning robots accessible to every cleaner. The MagicTag’s ease of use ensures that every cleaner can now benefit from the assistance of a cleaning robot, regardless of their level of expertise.

R3 Vac: The Professional Vacuum Solution

The R3 Vac, one of the new additions to LionsBot’s lineup, is a professional-grade vacuuming robot designed for a variety of indoor spaces, including offices, retail stores, and community areas. Equipped with side brushes that provide 0cm edge cleaning, the R3 Vac combines microfiber and brush rollers to cater to different types of surfaces, such as hard concrete floors, vinyl, and delicate carpets. With a compact size of only 655mm tall, the R3 Vac can easily maneuver under tables and other furniture for thorough cleaning.

Environmentally Conscious Cleaning with the R3 Vac

The R3 Vac not only excels in cleaning but also prioritizes the well-being of the environment. Operating at an average of 60dB, it runs quietly, allowing regular conversations to take place in the cleaning area. Additionally, the R3 Vac features a patent-pending microfiber bag and a medical-grade HEPA H13 air filter, ensuring the purification of the surrounding air during the cleaning process. With a full suite of sensors, the R3 Vac can perceive its environment in 3D, enabling it to avoid glass surfaces and mirrors effectively.

User-Friendly Features of the R3 Vac

For users, the R3 Vac offers unparalleled convenience. By syncing with the MagicTag, the R3 Vac can automatically run on a predefined schedule and return to its charging station when the task is complete. Its floor tool and vacuum hose are designed for easy detachment and cleaning without the need for additional tools. The robot’s ergonomically designed handlebars and quick-release mechanisms make manual cleaning a comfortable experience for anyone.

R3 Scrub Pro: Pro Cleaning Made Easy

LionsBot’s R3 Scrub Pro takes professional cleaning to the next level. This compact yet powerful robot delivers high-quality cleaning that is typically associated with much larger cleaning machines. It is specifically designed to excel in tight spaces found in airports, supermarkets, and healthcare establishments.

Superior Cleaning Performance with the R3 Scrub Pro

Equipped with cylindrical brushes and two side brushes, the R3 Scrub Pro eliminates the need for pre-sweeping. Its 0cm edge cleaning capability, coupled with up to 8kg of downward force, ensures efficient removal of stains and grime without causing damage to the surfaces being cleaned. The robot also features the patent-pending Single-Pass Squeegee, which enhances suction and airflow, resulting in maximum dryness. Built with premium stainless-steel chassis and heavy-duty components, the R3 Scrub Pro is designed to withstand daily use for more than five years.

Time-Efficient Operation and Maintenance

With just a two-hour battery charge, the R3 Scrub Pro can clean for up to four hours, covering an impressive area of up to 1,800m2/h. This rapid cleaning capability enables organizations to maintain cleanliness efficiently. The robot’s durable construction and high-quality materials ensure its longevity, minimizing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. Its user-friendly design also allows for quick and hassle-free maintenance.

The Future of Professional Cleaning

LionsBot’s innovative robots have the potential to reshape the professional cleaning industry by addressing the challenges of manpower shortage, high turnover rates, and the extensive training required for traditional cleaning methods. With the introduction of the R3 Vac, R3 Scrub Pro, and the MagicTag, LionsBot International is paving the way for a future where cleaning robots become an integral part of the cleaning process, assisting cleaners in their tasks and improving efficiency for organizations worldwide.



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