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K2A Knaust & Andersson Launches “The Green Real Estate Podcast”

K2A Knaust & Andersson Fastigheter AB, a green real estate company, has announced the launch of its own podcast, “The Green Real Estate Podcast.” The podcast will focus on current events in the company and the real estate market in general.

Premiere Episode to Focus on K2A’s Year-End Report for 2022

The premiere episode of “The Green Real Estate Podcast” will be released on February 17, 2023, and will focus on K2A’s year-end report for 2022, which was released on February 14. According to Johan Knaust, the CEO of K2A, the podcast is a way to communicate with more people interested in the company, presenting more arguments, and explaining things in a different way.

Podcast Format Allows for Better Communication

K2A’s podcast will be recorded in the studio of Public Housing Sweden in Stockholm, and will be hosted by Johan Knaust and K2A’s Public Relations Manager, Pontus Ekerljung. The podcast format allows for better communication, presenting information in a way that many people prefer over reading a report from cover to cover.

Long-Term Management of Rental Apartments


K2A Knaust & Andersson Fastigheter AB provides long-term management of rental apartments for all types of housing and community services properties. The company’s markets are in Stockholm, the Mälardalen region, and a number of university towns elsewhere in Sweden.

K2A’s B shares (K2A B) and preference shares (K2A PREF) are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


The launch of “The Green Real Estate Podcast” by K2A Knaust & Andersson Fastigheter AB is an exciting development that will allow the company to communicate with more people interested in the real estate market. The podcast format is an engaging and informative way to present information, and we look forward to hearing more episodes in the future.

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