Inside The Implosion Of Huawei’s 5G

The UK government has imposed a total ban on the technology and equipment from China’s Huawei citing security concerns. Under the ban imposed by the UK Government on Huawei, all the telecom operators of the UK must remove all the equipment of Huawei from the mobile infrastructure by the year 2027. Furthermore, they are also prohibited from buying the company’s product from January 2021.

5G and mobile network infrastructure research director at ABI Research, Dimitris Mavrakis said, “UK operators can’t buy anything from Huawei after the end of the year but it is likely they will stop buying immediately,” he says. “This is a really big deal, a major concern. There will be an immediate effect on Huawei.”

Ellwood said, “The 5G rollout is going to fundamentally change our lives, including how we defend ourselves. We’ve moved away from traditional battle lines, it’s about exploiting the vulnerabilities of our digital world. Integrity and reliability of our critical national infrastructure is absolutely fundamental to our overall security. “There will be a ripple effect, no doubt about it.”

“Out of Huawei’s control is Huawei’s masters, that’s the bigger concern, the communist regime and how it controls Huawei and the accountability and transparency, which is clearly absent”. He says the persecution of the Uighurs, draconian laws in Hong Kong, and obfuscation over the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan show “the real face of China being exposed,” he said.

UK diplomat to China for 22 years and adviser to the UK foreign affairs committee, Charles Parton said, “European countries were sheltering behind the UK, thinking, ‘if they can manage the Huawei risk so can we’. That shield is no longer there. Huawei and the CCP will now be drawing up strategies to avoid other European countries doing the same as the UK.”

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