Hardline Trump supporters are a threat to US democracy: Biden

US President Joe Biden has commented that supporters of Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda are a threat to democracy.

“The Make America Great Again forces are determined to take the country back,” he said in a speech in Pennsylvania, according to the BBC.

Preoccupied with tackling inflation and the war in Ukraine, Biden now appears to be turning his attention to the midterm elections two months away. The midterm elections will determine which way the balance of power in Washington will tilt.

In a speech Thursday night at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, Biden picked up the theme of his 2020 presidential campaign of “reclaiming the American spirit.”

He said, he is not blaming all the 74 million voters who voted for Trump two years ago. “Not all Republicans either, because the majority of Republicans aren’t in favor of Make America Great Again.

“But there’s no doubt that the Republican Party today is dominated, controlled and influenced by Donald Trump and these Make America Great naysayers,” he said. The President of the United States said that Trump’s supporters think of the lunatics who attacked the US Capitol last year as patriots rather than coup d’états.

“For too long we have told ourselves that democracy is safe in the United States. But it is not. We have to protect it. must be saved It has to be fought for. We all have to fight,” he said.

A BBC reporter who was on the scene reported that a man could be heard making sarcastic noises into a hand microphone during his speech.

Biden brought up the issue of disruption twice. The second time said, “They have the right to object. That is democracy.” Biden, who took the presidency on a promise to unite the country, has recently stepped up his attacks on Trump supporters.

A few days ago he made a ‘quasi fascism’ alliance with the ‘radical’ Republicans. In response to his harsh comments, the Republican leaders are not talking.

In a speech in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, shortly before Biden’s speech, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said the U.S. The president has chosen to divide, degrade and humiliate Americans.

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