HANZA AB acquires

HANZA purchases a product development company located in Germany

To meet the demands of their users, today HANZA AB acquires a company in Germany named Budelmann Elektronik Gmbh. The company has made a deal due to the unique offer given by HANZA.

HANZA AB (publ) is a contract manufacturing company that operates contract manufacturing and has six manufacturing clusters. Moreover, HANZA also offers different advisory services to their users to boost the customers, product development, and enhance supply chains.

To make the product development part stronger HANZA has decided to acquire Budelmann which is a multidisciplinary company containing a team of 10 people who’re experts in electronics, software development, and mechanics. This company is founded by a professor and a technical doctor Christoph Budelmann and his wife named Jeannine Budelmann who has got a degree in international education in economics & culture from different universities in France, Germany & China.

Erik Stenfors (CEO of HANZA) stated that “Our main goal is to increase our customers and give a boost to their business”. Further, he said, “successful customers are the reason for HANZA’s incredible growth”. Recently HANZA has crossed SEK 3 billion sales in the last 12 months and made an excellent earning too.

He added “In 2022, HANZA has completed their extensive expansion program for their six manufacturing clusters and this deal with Budelmann is a natural step and a strategic purchase to meet the growing demands of customers and it’ll also help in product development.

Now the name of Budelmann will be changed to “HANZA Product Development Services GmbH” and this will be a central resource for all the users of HANZA. This company is in Munster which is near other operational areas of HANZA in Germany and they’ll also accompany HANZA’s product development team located in Remscheid.

Due to this deal, the existing customers of Budelmann will also get the benefit. The CEO of Budelmann said, “we are making our core competencies stronger by offering a different yet unique manufacturing concept to our customers”.

However, the acquisition has made it debt-free and its annual turnover of it will be 15 MSEK. The share purchase price is 8MSEK and 2MSEK is the additional charges. However, the total cost of acquisition has a minor impact on the total income of HANZA and the balance sheet.

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