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Google search, expansion of rules for hiding personal information Account information, etc.

Google announced that it has begun responding to requests to delete search results that include personal home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Expand the deletion policy worldwide in response to changes in user feedback and norms. ..

Until now, Google has responded to removing problematic web pages from search results only if there is any risk. It also supported the deletion of bank account, credit card information, and medical records.

In recent years, about 13% of the tens of thousands of deletion requests per year have been approved. According to Google executives, this rule revision will also remove links to login information, which is expected to increase the approval rate.

When considering a request for deletion, the executive said he would focus on maintaining the public interest in data utilization and would not delete information that the government or public information sites consider to be public information.

However, even if Google removes it from the search results, it will still be accessible from other search engines.

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