Global financial markets

Global financial markets, greed outweighs fear = Goldman CEO

Goldman Sachs CEO Solomon said on the 17th in the global financial markets against the backdrop of a pandemic of the new coronavirus. , He said that greed outweighs fear. He added that this situation usually does not last long. Said at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

Solomon points out that the global economy is entering a “complex period” as the pandemic resumes economic activity that had plummeted around the world in 2020. He said the government’s central bank’s unprecedented stimulus package has given certain markets a sense of uplift.

Rising inflation is expected to raise interest rates, and some asset markets may retreat in such an optimistic mood.

He said the strict behavioral restrictions in Hong Kong and China are unlikely to be relaxed in the near future, noting that this situation poses a challenge for employees.

Many employees in Hong Kong and China hold passports from other countries and are subject to behavioral restrictions when entering and leaving the country.

“It’s time to deal with it, but it’s not good for global human resources,” he said.

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