Felix Schoeller Group Unveils New Management Board for 2023: Strategic Realignment to Strengthen Global Specialty Paper Market Position”

As the new year begins, the Felix Schoeller Group has announced a realignment of its Management Board to better position the company for success in the global specialty paper market.

CEO Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp will now focus more on strategic issues, allowing him to drive the company’s overall direction and vision. In his new role as Chief Sales Officer, Matthias Breimhorst will be responsible for global sales and supply chain management, with a focus on the strategic development and strengthening of the Group’s global activities in the international market of high-quality specialty papers.

Joining the Management Board as the new Chief Financial Officer, Astrid Enge brings many years of experience as a CEO in various family companies in the mechanical and systems engineering sector. She will be focused on the financial performance and development of the Group.

Meanwhile, Georg Haggenmüller (COO), Michael Szidat (CEO Americas) and Yong Li Gao (Vice CEO APA) will remain members of the Management Board. “We are confident that this new Management Board will be able to navigate the current challenging times and develop new approaches and solutions for the future together with our customers,” said CEO Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp.

With a renewed focus on the global specialty paper market, the Felix Schoeller Group is poised for continued success in the coming year.

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