EU agrees on major IT regulation bill

EU agrees on major IT regulation bill to strengthen measures against illegal content

European Union (EU) member states and the European Parliament demand that US giant IT (information technology) companies crack down on illegal content on the platform on the 23rd, and will impose heavy fines for violations. Agreed on the “Digital Services Act (DSA)” draft. It will come into effect in 2024.

EU Commissioner Vestair (Competition Policy), who was in charge of drafting the bill, said, “We have reached an agreement at DSA, which will treat anything that is illegal offline as being illegal online. It is not a slogan but a reality. It’s a response, “he posted on Twitter. The agreement was finalized after more than 16 hours of negotiations.

DSA is intended for giant platform companies such as Google and Meta, which are affiliated with Alphabet.

“Details are important for the final enforcement of the law. We would like to work with the authorities to bring together the technical details that remain to work for everyone,” Google said in a statement.

Giant tech companies that violate the DSA will be fined up to 6% of global sales. Operation within the EU may be prohibited for repeated violations.

Also, targeted advertising that targets children or is based on sensitive information such as religion, gender, race or political opinion is prohibited. A method called “dark pattern” in which personal information is obtained unintentionally by the user is also prohibited.

In addition, it obliges huge platforms and search engines to take certain measures in the event of a crisis. It was created in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the spread of related disinformation.

Giant IT companies may also be forced to submit data related to algorithms to regulatory agencies and researchers. It also requires the cost of monitoring legal compliance, which is up to 0.05% of global annual sales.

The EU is tightening its crackdown on giant US IT companies such as Google and Meta with Mr. Vestair as the flag, and last month EU member states and the European Parliament held a new regulation proposal “Digital” to curb the influence of major US IT companies. A tentative agreement has been reached on the Market Law (DMA). DMA gives priority to its own services to platform companies that fall under the category of “gatekeepers” such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, and prevents users from deleting pre-installed apps. Content that prohibits.

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