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Death toll rises to 94 after boat capsizes off Syrian coast

The death toll from a boat carrying migrants capsized off the Syrian coast has risen to 94, Syrian state television said. The boat, which left Lebanon’s northern Minah region for Europe, sank off the coast of the western Syrian port city of Tartus on Tuesday.

After the rescue operation started on Thursday, the authorities confirmed the death of 61 people till Friday.
The death toll in Nokadubi rose to 94 after more bodies were recovered from the Syrian coast of Banias in the Mediterranean, Syrian television reported on Saturday, Reuters reported.

There were 120 to 150 people on the boat when it set off, the Syrian Ministry of Transport said, citing survivors.

Many are now choosing to make the perilous journey to Europe on fragile, overcrowded boats from Lebanon, which is in deep economic crisis. In addition to the locals, Syrians and Palestinians in the country are also in the queue of immigrants.

In April, a boat carrying migrants from Tripoli sank while fleeing the coast after being chased by the Lebanese navy.

About 80 Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians were on that boat. About 40 of them were rescued, but seven drowned and 30 went missing, according to the country’s official statement. . . . . . . . . .

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