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Catena Acquires Prime Logistics Park in Jönköping Region

Catena, the sustainable logistics property company, has announced the acquisition of Stigamo 1:49, a prominent logistics park in the Nordic region. The company purchased the property from Nivika Fastigheter AB as a corporate transaction. The acquisition is in line with Catena’s strategy to expand its portfolio of efficiently managed logistics facilities in prime locations.

Location and Potential for Growth

Stigamo 1:49 is strategically located in the Jönköping region, adjacent to the E4 motorway. The property is optimally positioned to serve the Scandinavian markets efficiently. The acquisition of this logistics park will enable Catena to capitalize on the potential for growth in the region.

According to Jonas Arvidsson, Regional Manager for Jönköping, the Jönköping region is one of the most attractive logistics locations in Sweden. The addition of Stigamo 1:49 to Catena’s portfolio will allow the company to meet the growing demand for logistics facilities in the region.

Zoning Plan and Possession

The land acquired already has a zoning plan, which will enable Catena to begin operations quickly. The company will take possession of the property on 13 March 2023.

Sustainable Development

Catena is a company committed to sustainable development. The company strives to develop and manage efficient logistics facilities that meet current and future demands while minimizing the environmental impact. The company’s properties in strategically located areas are designed to generate a strong cash flow and ensure sustainable growth and stable returns.

Total Value of Properties

As of 31 December 2022, Catena’s properties had a total value of SEK 27,219 million. The company’s shares are traded on NASDAQ Stockholm, Large Cap.


The acquisition of Stigamo 1:49 is a strategic move by Catena to expand its portfolio of efficiently managed logistics facilities in prime locations. The Jönköping region is a promising location for logistics facilities, and the acquisition will enable Catena to meet the growing demand for logistics services in the area. The company’s commitment to sustainable development ensures that the acquisition will be a win-win for both the company and the environment.


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