Britain’s new ‘Queen Consort’ Camilla crosses the path of a friend

She is the love of Charles’ life, the darling; The two have been friends since that young age. She is the wife of Charles for 17 years. And now after Charles became the King of the United Kingdom, she became the ‘Queen Consort’.

People are used to seeing Camilla as his wife at various important national or international events next to Charles. But it was not easy for people to accept this, Camila herself admitted.

From an ordinary woman to a ‘queen consort’, Camilla had to cross the path of a friend. Few women have been as publicly vilified as Camilla.

For years Camilla has been vilified for breaking up the Charles-Diana royal wedding, the fairytale wedding that set the world alight. And Diana became the ‘queen of people’s hearts’.

Diana’s beauty and personality Charles was also very much covered. After a few years, people find out that this fairy tale marriage is not a happy one. Charles-Diana’s marriage broke up in 1996.

It was being said in the British press that the separation was due to alienation. Diana also said in an interview, “There were three people in this marriage.” That third person was King Charles III’s current wife, ‘Queen Consort’ Camilla.

After Charles’ split with the wildly popular Princess Diana, Camilla struggled to make herself acceptable as Charles’ wife. Camilla constantly finds herself in the embarrassing situation of comparing herself to Diana.

Camilla is still a controversial figure in Britain today, 25 years after Diana’s death in a car accident in Paris on 31 August 1997. After marrying Charles in 2005, Camilla has done a lot of charity work by his side. Helped women and children.

But many people still could not forget, nor forgive, the long Charles-Camilla affair and the pain it caused Diana.

Camilla has also compromised her own marriage to get Charles by her side. Over the years the media has constantly attacked her character and appearance

did But Camilla has weathered the storm and gradually established herself as a senior female member of the royal family.

In this practical sense, a woman’s long journey; It is said that Charles fell in love as soon as he met her in the 20s. However, Camilla had no intention of marrying the heir to the throne.

Camilla Rosemary Shand was born into an aristocratic British family on July 17, 1947. Although born in a high-class, wealthy family, there was nothing naturally royal about it. His father, Bruce Shand, was a retired military officer. Camilla grew up in a different family than Charles.
From the mid-1960s, Camilla had an on-and-off relationship with an army officer named Andrew Parker Bowles. Meanwhile, the then Prince Charles first met young Camilla at a polo match in Windsor in the early 1970s. That’s when the two became friends.

But the time was not right. Charles joined the Royal Navy in 1971. He had to stay abroad till 1972. And it was at that time that Andrew Parker Bowles proposed marriage to Camilla. Camilla also accepts it.

Why didn’t he wait to ask Charles? In response to this question, Camilla’s friends thought that perhaps she never thought of seeing herself in the queen’s seat.

Charles, on the other hand, may feel rejected. But still they were part of each other’s lives. They used to move together in the same social environment. Charles was also on good terms with Camilla’s husband Andrew.

Charles married Diana in 1981 in this relationship. But even after marriage, Charles could not forget Camilla. There were many whispers about the secret love between Camilla and Charles at that time. As Diana later spoke publicly about this love affair, Charles also admitted his relationship with Camilla in 1994.
Charles and Camilla’s married life began to deteriorate due to this incident. Camilla broke up with Andrew Parker Bowles in 1995. Charles broke up with Diana only a year later.

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