Apple updates platform security guidelines: Apple Silicon Mac will not support kernel extensions

MacRumor reported that Apple has just revised a new version of the “Platform Security Guide”, which provides a comprehensive overview of the latest security features of platforms such as iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, tvOS 14, watchOS 7. For example, the document mentions the optional Password Monitoring feature of the Safari browser on iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur.


As the name suggests, this security feature can automatically monitor exposed data breaches and give timely warnings when analyzing the possible leaks of the user’s saved passwords.


In addition, Apple outlined the digital car key functions that iPhone / Apple Watch are very interested in, and updated the company’s “safety commitment” in the preamble, declaring the safety advantages of the chip design of its own platforms:


Apple is still continuing to break through the boundaries of security and privacy. For example, this year, devices using Apple SoC cover the entire product line from Apple Watch smart watches, to iPhone smart phones/ iPad tablets, and Macs.


Custom chips not only provide support for efficient computing, but also bring more comprehensive security support. Apple’s self-developed chips lay the foundation for secure boot, Touch ID / Face ID, data protection, and unprecedented system integrity features on the Mac (including kernel integrity protection/pointer authentication code/fast permission restrictions, etc.).


These integrity features help prevent common attacks against memory, operating instructions, and the use of javascript on the network. Combining them together can also ensure that even if the attacker’s code can be executed in a certain way, the damage it may cause can be greatly reduced.

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