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Apple Atlanta store employee, vote application asking whether to form a union

On the 20th, an employee applied for a vote to ask whether a union should be formed at a store in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This is the first Apple store in the United States to form a labor union.

The National Communications Workers’ Union (CWA) supports this movement. According to the CWA, more than 70% of the 100 or so people who are qualified to join the union in the fields of sales, technology, creative, and management working at the stores in Atlanta’s “Cumberland Mall” have signed a request for the formation of a union.

The National Labor Relations Commission (NLRB) has confirmed that the Atlanta office has accepted the voting application on the 20th. If certain conditions are met, NLRB, CWA, and Apple employees will work together to set up a vote.

One of the employees who participated in the union movement said, “We work hard because we believe in Apple products and companies, so all employees buy good quality homes and have enough basic living expenses. I want to secure a system that can cover the situation. ”

Apple has not responded to requests for comment.

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