AMD RDNA3 next-generation graphics card performance is expected to double

The AMD RDNA2 RX 6000 series graphics card family has not yet completed the layout, and the next generation of RDNA3 architecture has been exposed one after another. From the current signs, it is expected to make a leap again on the basis of this generation’s success. At least the product is very worth looking forward to. It has been confirmed by 99.9% that the RDNA3 architecture will use Chiplets similar to Ryzen and Xiaolong processors, including an I/O Die responsible for input and output, and at least one Compute Die responsible for rendering. Some models should There are two more.

Among them, Compute Die will be manufactured using a 5nm process, including core modules such as CU computing units, and I/O Die will be manufactured using a 7nm process, integrating peripheral modules such as memory controllers and display controllers.


In this way, RDNA3 can easily expand the core size, doubling without obstacles, it is rumored that it can reach 160 computing units, that is, 10240 stream processors.


However, small chip design also has to pay a certain price, performance and delay will be lost. It is said that the loss on RNDA3 is greater than that on Ryzen processor, but overall it is still very worthwhile.


AMD has publicly stated that the energy efficiency of the RDNA3 architecture will be 50% or more higher than that of the RDNA2, that is, the performance will increase by 50% under the same power consumption.


In terms of pure performance, AMD is confident that it can bring a significant improvement of 60-80%. The most optimistic expectation can even increase by 100%. Among them, the top flagship “RX 7900 XT” can be at least 40% more conservative than the RX 6900 XT.

In addition, optical tracking performance and geometric performance will also be greatly improved.


It is said that AMD has been proclaiming that they believe that RDNA3 can achieve a true win -no specific level is said, it seems that at least the product is expected to achieve anti-killing against NVIDIA, it depends on how many goods are available…


As for NVIDIA, the roadmap announced earlier has made it clear that there will be no new architecture this year. It is likely that it will only be an upgraded version of the RTX 30 series. The next generation will have to wait next year.

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