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Alleima Appoints Carl von Schantz as President for Tube Division, Driving Organizational Growth and Expansion

Alleima, a prominent global company, has announced the appointment of Carl von Schantz as the new President for the Tube division and a member of the Group Executive Management. This strategic decision is set to take effect no later than November 17, 2023. Carl von Schantz will succeed Michael Andersson, who will be departing the company in June 2023, as previously announced. With his extensive experience in various industries and a proven track record in organizational development and driving growth, von Schantz is expected to bring valuable leadership to the Tube division. This appointment comes with the full endorsement of Göran Björkman, President and CEO of Alleima.


A Seasoned Leader Takes the Helm


Carl von Schantz, born in 1973, joins Alleima from his previous role as President for the General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems division at Atlas Copco, where he has spent the last five years. Atlas Copco’s General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems division is a globally recognized provider of assembly tools and solutions to industries such as general assembly, aerospace, electronics, energy, and the offroad sector. Prior to this, von Schantz served as Senior Vice President & Head of Energy Sector at Lantmännen for a duration of seven years.


Confidence in Carl von Schantz’s Leadership


Göran Björkman, President and CEO of Alleima, expressed his confidence in Carl von Schantz’s ability to lead the Tube division. In a statement, Björkman stated, “I am very pleased that Carl von Schantz will start the position as President for the Tube division at Alleima. He is an experienced leader with broad experience from leading positions in several industries. He has demonstrated a strong ability for organizational development and driving growth in his previous roles. I am confident that he will be a driven and future-oriented leader for Tube and is a good addition to the Group Executive Management Team.”


Continued Leadership During Transition


During the transitional period until Carl von Schantz assumes his new role, Nigel Haworth, who has been serving as the acting President of the Tube division since February 13, 2023, will continue in his position. This seamless transition ensures the uninterrupted operation and stability of the division.


The Significance of the Tube Division


The Tube division holds significant importance within Alleima’s operations. It plays a crucial role in the company’s portfolio, serving as a key provider of high-quality tube products and solutions. With Carl von Schantz at the helm, the division is expected to further solidify its position in the industry and expand its offerings to meet evolving market demands.


A Promising Future for Tube Division


As President for the Tube division, Carl von Schantz will be responsible for driving strategic initiatives, leading the division’s day-to-day operations, and spearheading growth opportunities. His extensive experience in organizational development and his ability to navigate diverse industries are poised to bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to the division. This appointment reflects Alleima’s commitment to ensuring sustainable growth and maintaining its position as a leader in the market.


Location of the Tube Division


The Tube division is based in Sandviken, a thriving industrial hub known for its expertise in tube manufacturing and engineering. With its favorable geographical location and access to skilled talent, Sandviken provides a conducive environment for the Tube division to thrive and achieve its business objectives.




Alleima’s appointment of Carl von Schantz as the new President for the Tube division marks an important milestone in the company’s growth journey. With his proven leadership capabilities and extensive experience, von Schantz is well-equipped to drive organizational development, spearhead growth, and solidify Alleima’s position in the market. As the Tube division continues to evolve and meet the demands of an ever-changing industry landscape, Carl von Schantz’s visionary leadership is set to propel the division toward a promising future.

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